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Performance, Learning & Heritage


The Performance, Learning and Heritage project had a research team made up of project director, Prof. Tony Jackson and full-time researcher, Dr Jenny Kidd.

The Advisory Board met twice a year and included representatives from partner museums, external academics, museum theatre practitioners, and one international, US-based adviser; its purpose was to monitor, advise and constructively interrogate the research as it unfolded.

The Steering Group met regularly and included members of the research team, the attached PhD student (Joel Chalfen) and academic and professional colleagues from Museology and Manchester Museum.

The research team was:

Project Director

The Performance, Learning and Heritage project was the initial idea of Project Director, Tony Jackson. Tony is Professor of Educational Theatre at the University of Manchester and a director of the University's Centre for Applied Theatre Research. He has published and lectured widely in the field of educational theatre and was the 2003 recipient of the Judith Kase-Cooper Honorary Research Award from the American Alliance for Theatre & Education. Tony continues to work on the data from the project and will ensure that the project website and database remain 'live' at least until Autumn 2010. With Jenny Kidd, he is editing the book, Performing Heritage, due to be published by Manchester University Press in 2010.


Jenny Kidd began working within the Centre for Applied Theatre Research after completing her PhD thesis at Cardiff University (entitled 'Capture Wales: Digital Storytelling and the BBC', which looked at the reasoning behind the Capture Wales project's inception, and the response of the public to it). From October 2008, she is lecturer in the Department of Cultural Policy and Management at City University London, but continues to have an ongoing interest in the PLH research. She is also editing, with Tony Jackson, the book, Performing Heritage . She can be contacted at jenny.kidd.1@city.ac.uk. Administration


Ruth Daniel was the part-time administrator for the project from July 2005 until April 2008, and among her many duties and creative contributions, was responsible for designing, developing and maintaining the website, co-developing the database and administering the accounts. She has since returned to help with website management and other administrative tasks on an occasional basis through to summer 2009.

Phil Styles was responsible for designing and developing the project database (2007-8), and was part-time administrator for the project from May to November 2008. He co-developed the project DVD, with the University’s Media Centre.