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PL&H Report CD-Rom and DVD pack

The Report, Summary and detailed 'data trawls' are now also available as part of a combined CD-Rom and DVD set.

The pack includes the full Research Report - the project rationale, narrative, methodology and detailed findings together with detailed 'data trawls' from each of the 4 main case studies - and edited highlights from the four main case study performances and also from keynote speeches (by Catherine Hughes, Baz Kershaw, Laurajane Smith and Tony Jackson and Jenny Kidd) given at the international conference held at the University of Manchester in April 2008: "Performing Heritage - research and practice". The performance extracts illustrate vividly and uniquely the diversity of museum performance and costumed interpretation practice, and the diversity of sites and audiences that the practice serves. Included are extracts from

Together with the report they provide an important and timely means of accessing the research findings, and a unique research, study, teaching and training resource, for use by researchers and students in theatre/performance studies and museum/heritage studies, by practitioners, and by museum learning and public programme managers.

The Report CD-ROM + DVD pack is now available (as of 10th December 2008). The price was £10 incl. P&P in the UK and £15 worldwide. But... PLEASE NOTE:

We are pleased to announce that, nine months after publication, we can now offer a large discount on the price of the DVD package (including the excerpts from the four 'case study' performances and the Research Report). With effect from 15th September 2009, the new price will be (incl post & packing): £6.00 in the UK; £10.00 worldwide. Please see below for order form.

Ordering the CD-Rom and DVD set:

Note for US enquirers: The DVD has no specific region encoding and so should be able to play in US DVD players. However, our footage is PAL (European standard) while the television standard in America is NTSC. Therefore, some US television sets may display with an altered aspect ratio. All computers should be able to play the disc.